About the Artist

Hello world, I'm a red mage of a game developer who dabbles in multiple crafts, some of which are totally unrelated to games. My specialty is mostly 3d modeling, but I also do a fair amount of graphic design for things like user interfaces, logos, posters, business cards, and other random creative projects. When I'm not doing art for other people, I can be found hard at work on designing and programming my own independent games for my company, Phanatix Interactive.

When I'm not working (which is a rare occasion these days), I can be found watching anime, playing JRPGs, studying the Japanese language, writing stories, traveling around the United States, and trying to find the best sushi restaurants in my ever changing locale. I think Final Fantasy VII is the best game ever made. Don't argue with me on this one, you'll just hurt yourself. Unless you're arguing that Final Fantasy VI is the best game ever made. That's forgivable.

Freelance for Hire

I'm usually available for freelance work if I'm not already preoccupied with a contract. If you're interested in recruiting my talent for a project, please email me at Andrea@InspireRealm.com. My rates are flexible to match the needs of your budget. Here are some things I can help you with:

  • 3d art, including modeling, texturing, lighting, and animation
  • Interactive interfaces for software such as menus for a game or a mobile app
  • Logo designs for personal or professional use
  • Print media such as business cards, flyers, banners, or posters
  • Game development consulting, management, or directing
  • Actionscript 3 programming

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Phanatix Interactive Games

Below you can check out the games that I've made at my company, Phanatix Interactive:

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