Artist - Game Designer - 3ds Max-oholic

Andrea Borchardt


About the Artist


Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Head modelTransformers: Fall of Cybertron - Head modelBaby Alive Character ModelsTyrannosaurus Rex
Ornate Hawk GriffinGiant Peruvian CentipedeRoyal Tabryilian Wyvern

Environments & Props

Sunny Forest Environment ModelMr. Potato Head: Tatermobile vehicle modelMusic StageHummingbirds and Flowers
Cave Crystals

User Interfaces

Spaceship Selection ScreenOld Island Map - User InterfaceScripps Spelling Bee - Game Options MenuScripps Spelling Bee - Word Search Minigame
Scripps Spelling Bee - Honeycomb Hunt MinigameMusic Edutainment Game - Keyboard InterfaceDog show training game user interfaces

Graphic Design

Company logo and web/print banners for The Red GeckoCompany logo for PlayfoundryCompany logo for Phanatix InteractiveTitle logo for mobile game Swift

Digital Paintings

Promotional image for upcoming Phanatix Interactive gameSprinker StoryboardDragon hoard illustrationCharacter Concept - Old Maid
Creature concept art - swamp monsterCharacter Concept - Yulera the Dancer


Male Portrait StudyMale and Female Figure StudyAnatomy Overlay StudyLife Drawing of a Nude Lady


Wyvern Animations

Game Design & Programming

Swift: an arcade shooter game for Android, iPhone, and iPad